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@shapeways spotting in #brooklyn #nyc (at South Slope)

I am early stage and would, if the right person came along, bring another pair of hands on board… but honestly, their name would probably have to be Aaron Upshaw. Take a swing at the skills evaluation here. Maybe you are on his level.

If you feel the need to pull out and measure with me…… I’ve been told it is big, but I don’t know all that… it’s just…. hey, my eyes are up here. Thank you.

A friend, the owner/proprieter of BurlyHouse, was the first person that I ever heard lay this out. What is the footprint of “my” internet. I don’t want it to go away, but I had never truly considered what the impact was and where the heavy hitters were.

This video calls out some names, but even with them out of the picture it is our offsite technology resources that need to think about their future operational model. It is obvious that this can’t go on for ever.

Nice colors and decor, but that street level room is better suited for a business… unless an exhibitionist is living here. Then that’s actually pretty good- gonna work out just fine.

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Kids today will never know life without Internet and probably won’t open an encyclopedia, but I’m glad IE 4.0 is gone